Musculoskeletal System Disorder

Musculoskeletal health refers to the performance of the locomotor system, comprising intact muscles, bones, joints and adjacent connective tissues. Musculoskeletal conditions are typically characterized by pain(often persistent) and limitations in mobility and dexterity, reducing people’s ability to work, lower levels of well-being and participation in society. The disorders include a variety of conditions including Degenerative disorders like Osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis like Rheumatoid arthritis, Sciatica, Traumatic damage etc.

The role of Ayurveda treatment in Musculoskeletal Disorders has been very successful for many years. Ayurveda classifies these disorders into two main types, depending on their etiology. First one is degenerative disorders associated with weak bones, poorly nourished joints and overall weakness in the bones and muscles. It mainly happens because of vitiated Vata and needs a therapy targeting all the associated doshas. The second type of disorders are associated with the toxic overload in the body, specifically accumulating the joints. The AMA (sticky,slimy,aggravating and toxic substances accumulated in the body from incompletely digested food material) accumulates in the joint and creates stiffness and heaviness. If not treated early, it leads to swelling and increased tenderness in the joint.

At Panchakarma Dubai, we will diagnose the ailment with details by doing thorough examination of mind and body status of the client, the imbalanced dosha in the body, his Agni type and the etiological factors. This is followed by therapies which include systemic medications and specific panchakarma treatments to manage the disorder effectively without any side effects.

Low Back Pain: According to WHO, low back pain is the main contributor to the overall burden of musculoskeletal conditions worldwide. The most common causes of low back pain are muscle or ligament strain because of repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement, wrong posture while sitting for longer duration, inflammation in the joint, osteoporosis, pressure on nerve root, Sciatica, Spinal deformities etc. Timely interventions by maintaining correct posture while sitting, taking a break and relaxing the muscles will help in guarding the lower back. Panchakarma Dubai will help you further by deciding the specific Ayurveda treatments for the same like Kativasthi, Kaadidhara, Local patrapotala sweda etc.

Knee Pain:Knee pain is also a very common joint ailment experienced by mostpeople at some point of their lives. Its intensity may range from mild pain to severe tenderness restricting the normal activities of the person. According to Ayurveda, Ama and Vata aggression are the main factors of knee pain, swelling and stiffness. After thorough diagnosis, the basic herbal medicines will be prescribed to enhance digestion to help reduce Ama and balance Vata. Along with that, the integrative approach of treatment also provide excellent and very effective Ayurveda therapies for immediate pain and stiffness relief and to ease mobility. Most common and popular treatments for knee pain are Januvasthi, Abhyangam (Ayurveda oil massage), Elakizhi, Herbal steam bath, Pinda Swedanam etc, which are unique for each client based on his dominant dosha and Agni type.

Shoulder Pain: Shoulder joint is one of the most vulnerable joint because of its extensive range of movements. Common reasons behind shoulder pain are inflammation of any bursa, tendon or ligament surrounding the joint. Most common diagnosis made in shoulder pain is ‘Frozen Shoulder’ also known as ‘adhesive capsulitis’, characterized by stiffness and pain in shoulder joints. It may happen because of variety of reasons including a chronic injury, overuse of the joint, chronic illnesses like Diabetes, strokes etc. or secondary to degenerative disorders like chronic rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylitis etc. Specific Ayurveda therapies and internal medicines have successfully treated this condition since many years. Strengthening of the muscles and tendons are followed as per the treatment protocol, so the chances of relapse is very minimal. Most popular therapies are Dhanyamldhara (pouring of hot medicated oil over the affected area), massage with herbal powder bag (Podikizhi) heated in the appropriate warm medicated oil, massage with herbal leaf bag (Elakizhi), Pizichil (Pouring medicated oil all over the body),Pichu locally etc..

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